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Airshowreport - aviation and airshow directory

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Aviation partner links


  • Air-Attack - Photos and fact sheets on military aircraft, installations, technology and weapons.
  • Aircraft, Airforces, and Aviation News - A site devoted to military avition, analysis, and news.
  • The Aircraft Gallery - Military aircraft photos, facts, data and statistics.
  • Airstrike Online - Information and pictures of Russian aircraft from helicopters to fighters.
  • The AMARC Experience - Guide to how the Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Center, Davis-Monthan AFB, Tucson, Arizona.
  • Apocalyptic Warmachines - Detailed information and specifications on military aircrafts from around the world.
  • ASR - aviation site register - Links to aviation sites worldwide
  • Aurélien's Photos - Database with photos and fact-sheets.
  • Aviation Hobby Site - Focuses on Portuguese military aviation technical and historical research. Articles, photos, and resources.
  • Aviation Infocenter - Offers information, illustrations and photographs of modern tactical fighter and attack aircraft.
  • Aviaworld - Aviation site with articles and photographs of all kinds of military aircraft from various air forces around the world.
  • Aviones Argentinos - Argentina's military aircraft. Photos of actual and museum types.
  • AVOjet Aviation - Photos of military and civil aviation, and airshow reviews.
  • Barry Lee - Information, pictures and specifications of military aircraft.
  • Bart's Airplane Page - Offers information and pictures of many airplanes of the world.
  • The Belgian Air Force - Unofficial. History, list of squadrons and aircraft types, and data on plane crashes.
  • Combat Aircraft Database - Fact sheets, pictures and history of the latest jet aircraft.
  • - Providing information, pictures, and photographs of the world's military aircraft.
  • Derek Bridges - Includes military aircraft designations from the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and China (PRC).
  • FAS - US Military Aircraft - Federation of American Scientists fact sheets.
  • Fighter Jocks & Mud Movers - Pictures, orders of battle and badges of world air forces combat units.
  • - Photos and brief fact sheets for fighter planes from around the world.
  • Giedrius Lukosevicius - Profiles, pictures, and video clips, of military planes and helicopters of both NATO and the former Warsaw Pact.
  • Global Aircraft - Offers information and photographs, and interactive games, tests.
  • Global Security - Fact sheets and photos of U.S. warplanes, including currently operational, developmental, and retired.
  • Globemaster US Military Aviation Database - Complete database of U.S. Air Force, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, Army military bases, flying units, tail codes, links.
  • g-loc - Directory of military aircraft accidents, sorted by aircraft type and year.
  • The Hangar Bay - Fact sheets on military aircraft from around the world.
  • - Features stealth programs acknowledged by the Department of Defense. Information on stealthy fighters, bombers, UAVs and missiles.
  • - Photos and brief descriptions of aircraft.
  • - Image gallery, wallpapers and fact sheets of military aircraft.
  • Kevin Samuels - Factsheets and pictures.
  • Lock n Load - A guide to Fighter, Strike, and Attack aircraft; including the F-22, F-15, F/A-18.
  • Lukas Czarnecki - Description and photos of several aircraft.
  • Marc's Aviation Website - Information on modern military aircraft from all over the world.
  • Matt's Aviation - The Aviation Database with aeronautics information, military aviation pictures and trivia, an aviation glossary, chat, and aircraft specs.
  • MILAVIA - Aircraft and weapons directories, photos, articles, news, and downloads.
  • Military Aircraft - USAF and RAF military aircraft in service today, with pictures and description.
  • Military Aircraft Database - Features a large database containing descriptions of military aircraft from around the world.
  • Military Aircraft Fact Sheets - Search engine for Fact Sheets on US military aircraft equipment.
  • Military Aircraft Facts - Fact sheets of fighter jets, helicopters, missiles and other military aircraft weapons information.
  • Military Aircraft Tail Codes - Military aircraft tail markings of the US Air Forces.
  • Military Airplanes - Pictures and information about military airplanes.
  • Military Airplanes - Images and fact sheets for several fighters and bombers.
  • Military Aviation - General information, squadron lists, and photos for various U.S. and Royal Norwegian aircraft.
  • Military Aviation Library - A comprehensive guide to military aircraft (1970-present).
  • The Military Plane Library - Information on military aircraft.
  • The Mix - Military aircraft photos, sounds, patches, medals, news, FS98 and Falcon 4.0 aircraft
  • On Show - Details of NATO and European air forces, UK aircraft museums, great aviation myths.
  • Peter Hayles - RAAF aircraft facts and photos.
  • Pieter-Jan Verschaeve - Photos and descriptions of several fightercraft.
  • Preserved US Military Aircraft - List of US military aircraft on display and links to aviation museums.
  • Rolling Thunder - A military aviation site specialising in classic jets such as the English Electric Lightning, the Avro Vulcan and the Douglas A-4 Skyhawk.
  • Romanian Air Force - Photos and facts.
  • Russian Airpower - Contains news, information and pictures of russian aircraft.
  • Salty's homepage - Military aircraft images and technical information.
  • Skytamer Images - Aircraft photo collection, museum guide, serial numbers, registration numbers (N-Numbers), tail codes, aircraft manufacturer codes, US military aircraft designations, Airshow Calendar.
  • Soviet Fighter Pilot Schools - Interactive photo album on CD shows part of the USSR's military flight training system.
  • Stalag 13 Aviation Links - Link directory of aviation related websites
  • Swedish military aviation - Technical and historical information on Swedish military aviation.
  • Tumic's Guide - Description and photos of aircraft. Cross-listing of planes to engines and manufacturers.
  • US Military Aviation Designation Systems - Explanations and listings of designations used by the US armed services for aviation related equipment.
  • USAircraft - A site about US and International military planes.
  • Vic Flintham - This site is committed to providing well researched articles on post-war military aviation.
  • Victor Momparler - Photos and brief fact sheets.
  • Vulture's Row - Focuses on U.S. Naval aviation. Photos, information about carrier battle groups and carrier air wings, patches and insignia, and articles.
  • Wetting Air Power - Photos, aircraft history, and data sheets for the A-6, A-10, F-4, F-14, F-15, F-16, F-18, F-104, F-111, Harrier, Jaguar and Tornado.
  • XPlanes - Photos, data sheets, and news.
  • Zion's Military Aircraft - Photos and specifications for aircraft and weapons.


  • Aero-News Network - Online aviation news magazine and resource that has stories, databases, aero-columns, and aviation news updates.
  • Air Age - Company produces publications for aviation and radio-control model enthusiasts. Browse magazine profiles and subscription information.
  • Air and Space Smithsonian - A monthly magazine from the National Air and Space Museum.
  • Air Force Magazine - This monthly journal of the Air Force Association, an independent, nonprofit, aerospace organization, reports military and defense operations, developments, programs and heroes. Gallery of classic aircraft and space almanac. Members-only area requires registration.
  • Air International - One of Britain's leading aviation magazines for news and in depth articles on commercial, civil, military, industry and historical aviation subjects. Issued monthly.
  • The Air Letter On-line - Daily newsletter reporting on international news, business, politics, technology and economics in the aerospace industry.
  • Air Pictorial Magazine - A quality aviation magazine catering to the aviation enthusiast with excellent articles and photographs. Published monthly and covers all aspects of aviation.
  • Air Power International - An Australian military aerospace magazine containing in-depth feature reports on the application of world air power. Published quarterly, but the website has current aerospace news and photos.
  • Airliner World - A monthly magazine covering the global airliner scene
  • Aviation News - Aviation industry news updated every 15 minutes.
  • ALA Magazine - A Spanish aviation publication of the Latin American Aeronautical Association reaching key members of all aviation sectors throughout the Latin American territory.
  • Atlantic Flyer - A monthly tabloid featuring east coast topics.
  • Aviation Consumer - The independent product test report of airplanes, aviation equipment and gear now available on-line.
  • Aviation International News - The news magazine of corporate/business aviation. Aviation International News is considered the industry's best read and most authoritative news publication.
  • The Aviation News Center - An online aviation news browsing facility.
  • Aviation News Ticker - An aviation news ticker containing current aviation news of interest to sport and recreational pilots.
  • Aviation Now - Aviation news and information, with aircraft for sale, aerospace engineering, jobs and images.
  • Aviation Supplies & Academics - Leading publisher of Flight Training and FAA test preparation materials, and the leading producer of pilot supplies, software, training manuals, and other reference publications.
  • Aviation Today - Aviation business intelligence.
  • Aviation Week Newsletters - Aviation and aerospace newsletters from the McGraw-Hill companies.
  • Business Air Today - Designed primarily for the entrepreneur whose primary objective is to buy or sell a corporate jet or turbine aircraft.
  • Classic Wings Downunder - A high quality magazine, published bi-monthly, featuring classics and warbirds from Australia and New Zealand.
  • Contact! Magazine - An experimental aircraft and powerplant magazine for designers and builders featuring auto engine conversions and unique experimental aircraft articles. Published bimonthly as a non-profit educational publication.
  • Defense Daily Network - Provides breaking defense and aerospace news with special reports, PEDS and budget information.
  • Digital FlightMag - An Aviation and Flight Simulation magazine on CD. This unique product blends the real world of flight with that of flight simulation.
  • Flight Journal - Flight Journal is a relatively new monthly magazine created expressly to capture the vital spirit, the drama, the evolution of winged adventure.
  • Flight Lines - Daily publication presenting the latest aviation and aerospace news in email or faxed format. Sample available.
  • Flight Training Magazine - Aviation's how-to, back-to-basics magazine for new pilots, their instructors and those who own and operate flight training schools.
  • Fly South Aviation News Africa - Aviation news magazine online, with weekly updates and articles, free e-mail newsletter, free classifieds, aircraft and aviation items for sale and wanted.
  • FLYER Magazine (UK) - Covers all UK recreation airsports.
  • Flyer (USA) - A bi-weekly newspaper serving the American aviation industry nationwide.
  • Golden Age of Aviation eZine - Some great articles and photos on the "golden" era presented on-line by Aviation Heritage.
  • Helicopters - Canada's national helicopter magazine published quarterly. Site features: table of contents, cover story, editorial schedule, links, advertising and subscription information.
  • In Flight USA - A monthly tabloid featuring in depth aviation news, stories and photos about aircraft, new aviation products, list of aviation events and aircraft for sale.
  • Kitplanes - The premier monthly periodical for people interested in the most dynamic segment of sport aviation: homebuilt airplanes, rotorcraft, ultralights and other special-interest, do-it-yourself flying machines.
  • Military & Aerospace Electronics Magazine - Design and engineering issues influencing military and aerospace electronics that includes mil-spec, high-rel, COTS and rugged design news and developments.
  • Minnesota Flyer - A monthly general aviation magazine that provides Upper Midwest pilots with aviation news, an extensive events calendar and profiles of people and the airplanes that they fly.
  • Northern Pilot Magazine - Devoted to pilots, aircraft owners, and operators who live and fly in the Northwest, western Canada, and Alaska. Published six times a year.
  • Pacific Flyer - Pacific Flyer is a 21 year old monthly aviation tabloid produced in Southern California with a decidedly different perspective on aviation and aviation publishing.
  • Pilot Getaways - A new quarterly magazine dedicated to private pilot travel in the West.
  • Pilot (UK) - Information for pilots, students and enthusiasts, including pilot contacts and aircraft.
  • Plane and Pilot - An extensive site reflecting the monthly magazine which is an information source for general aviation pilots flying piston-engine aircraft.
  • Private Pilot Magazine - Articles on new and used aircraft, columns, features, improving piloting skills and learning-to-fly specials.
  • Scramble - Magazine for aviation spotters and other aircraft enthusiasts, databases, aircraft inventories, bulletin, news on arrivals, deployments.
  • SFT-Svensk Flyghistorisk Tidskrift - (Swedish Aviation History Journal) Contains articles on military and general aviation history, mainly with connection to Swedish aviation. Published six times a year, at least 40 pages each.
  • The Southern Aviator Online - Aviaton magazine with news and information.
  • SpeedNews - Weekly newsletter for the commercial and defense aviation industries that provides top news stories and information.
  • Sport Aviation Magazine - A beautiful 144 page, four-color, monthly magazine covering the full spectrum of EAA activity, including homebuilt aircraft, ultralights, rotorcraft, vintage aircraft and warbirds. Available only to EAA members.
  • SW Aviator Magazine - SW Aviator is a flying magazine for pilots and aviation enthusiats featuring destinations, reviews, up-to-date regional aviation events, and information about piloting in the Southwest US.
  • Ultralight Flying - Worldwide coverage of ultralight and microlight aviation engines, planes, accessories, trips, and events. Issued monthly.
  • US Aviator - An internationally distributed print magazine featuring the best of world aviation.
  • Vintage Airplane - A special EAA monthly publication featuring antique and classic aircraft, as well as historical pieces consisting of the recollections of those who were active during the heyday of these aircraft.
  • Warbirds International Magazine - The only magazine devoted to airworthy vintage and veteran military aircraft presents great photography on these rare and fascinating aircraft while giving complete coverage on their restoration and operation. Published nine times a year.
  • Warbirds Magazine - A special EAA publication featuring former military aircraft.
  • Wings - A bi-monthly magazine providing comprehensive coverage of the Canadian aviation industry. Site features: table of contents, cover story, editorial schedule, links, advertising and subscription information.
  • Wings and Airpower - Companion magazines issued on alternate months. Each is a bi-monthly magazine. Excellent articles with more photo coverage than any other aviation magazine.
  • Woman Pilot Magazine - Woman Pilot is a national newsstand aviation magazine featuring articles about women within aviation. Published bi-monthly.
  • World Airshow News - Trade magazine for the airshow entertainment industry.

USA defense news/media

  • Acquisition Review Quarterly - Journal of the U.S. Defense Acquisition University.
  • Armed Forces Inaugural Committee (AFIC) - A temporary joint military command established every four years to plan, coordinate, and provide authorized support for the inauguration of the President.
  • Arms Sales Monitor - Monitors and highlights US government policies on arms exports and conventional weapons proliferation.
  • Articles by Rod Hafemeister - Articles by a former reporter at the Belleville News-Democrat, covering Gulf War Illness, anthrax vaccines, depleted uranium and other current military-related topics.
  • Asia-Pacific Defense Forum - Professional military journal published quarterly by the Commander in Chief of the United States Pacific Command to provide an international forum for military personnel of the Asian and Pacific areas.
  • Bound and Overwatch, The Military Observer - Advocate for soldiers, veterans, and family members. Watchdog organization that forces the government to act responsibly toward soldier's training and deployment.
  • Color of Service Magazine - Geared towards people of color who have served in the U.S. Armed Forces.
  • A Common Perspective - Open forum newsletter published by the U.S. Joint Warfighting Center, covering the latest news and issues surrounding Joint Doctrine. Requires Adobe Acrobat to view issues.
  • Current News Service - Daily media monitoring service from the U.S. Armed Forces Information Services (AFIS).
  • DefenseLINK News - Latest articles from the American Forces Press Service as well as Pentagon press releases and briefings.
  • Department of Defense: Confronting Y2K Homepage - General Y2K information, plus access the latest updates and briefings.
  • Diálogo - El foro Militar de las Américas - Quarterly publication issued by U.S. Southern Command covering US defense activities and collaboration in Latin America. In English, Spanish and Portuguese.
  • Dimensions - Bimonthly publication of the U.S. Defense Logistics Agency.
  • Fuel Line - Magazine of the U.S. Defense Energy Support Center. Requires Adobe Acrobat to view issues.
  • HometownLink - The source for print, radio and video news releases on individual soldiers and airmen worldwide.
  • Joint Force Quarterly - Focuses on joint doctrine, coalition warfare, contingency planning, combat operations conducted by the unified commands, and joint force development.
  • KORUS - Monthly publication of U.S. Forces Korea.
  • Military City - Entryway to ArmyTimes, NavyTimes, AirForceTimes and MarineCorpsTimes.
  • Military Living Publications - Magazine designed to boost military family morale with numerous publications on special military travel benefits of space-available hops and lodging.
  • Military Media, Inc. - Provider of military training films and military manuals, printed and on CD-ROM.
  • Military Report - Free weekly information service for the U.S. military community, concentrating on personnel matters such as pay and benefits news.
  • Program Manager - Magazine of the Defense Acquisition University.
  • Signal - Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association magazine, directed towards communications, electronics, intelligence, and information systems professionals.
  • Stars and Stripes - News, links, and subscription information for the European and Pacific versions of this daily newspaper serving the United States military community.
  • Static Line Magazine - Monthly publication for, by and about paratroopers, glidertroopers, air assault troopers, and those with airborne hearts. In publication since 1947.
  • Tech Central: Defense Central - News portal site for information supporting the use of technology to preserve US freedom. News, commentary, and interviews of national security experts.
  • US Security News - Security News and Development including anti-terrorism, military, police and intelligence issues.
  • VFW Magazine - Monthly magazine published by the U.S. Veterans of Foreign Wars. Back issues to 1996 are available.
  • ADA Magazine Online - Published by the U.S. Army Air Defense Artillery School.
  • Aerospace Power Chronicles - U.S. Air University's online journal, published at Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama.
  • Air Force Journal of Logistics - Online version of the United States Air Force Logistics Management Agency's principal journal.
  • Air Force Link - News - The official online news service of the U.S. Air Force with up-to-the-minute news, photos, and images from around the world on Air Force, national security and defense stories.
  • Air Force Magazine - Monthly journal of the United States Air Force Association, covering USAF operations, programs and people.
  • Airforce Times - Magazine with U.S. Air Force news, updated weekly.
  • Airman - Official magazine of the U.S. Air Force, published monthly by the Air Force News Agency.
  • Capital Flyer - Weekly Air Force news for personnel of Andrews Air Force Base, Washington D.C.
  • Carolina Flyer Online - Pope AFB Web site newspaper containing news and features.
  • Citizen Airman - Official magazine of the U.S. Air Force Reserve, published bimonthly. Back issues to 1997 are available.
  • The Civil Engineer - Journal of the U.S. Air Force Civil Engineer Support Agency, published quarterly. Back issues to 1999 available.
  • The Combat Edge - Published by the U.S. Air Force Air Combat Command, this monthly magazine focuses on air, ground and weapons safety.
  • CrossTalk Index - Monthly journal of defense software engineering, published by the U.S. Air Force's Software Technology Support Center.
  • Flying Safety - Aviation safety magazine of the U.S. Air Force, published bimonthly. Requires Adobe Acrobat to view issues.
  • Road & Rec - The U.S. Air Force journal of occupational, recreational and driving safety.
  • Tip of the Sword - Base newspaper serving Incirlik Air Base, Turkey.
  • Vigileer - Base newspaper of USAF Aviano Air Base, Italy.




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