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International aviation and airshow directory



International aviation and airshow directory


P-3D Photo Gallery
A WP-3D made three flights in 1987 at the NASA Ames-Dryden Flight Research Facility to test in-flight rain damage of the Shuttle thermal protection system.

PA Fun Flyers R/C Club
Wyoming - RC model aviation group's information, events, news, classifieds, contacts, and related links.

PA Powerchutes
Offering tandem flights, training, and sales and training of powered parachutes. Located in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania.

Pacific Balloon Charters
Offers flights over the Del Mar Coast and the Temecula Country Wine Valley. Photos, Rates, FAQ.

Pacific Coast Flyers
Located at McClellan - Palomar Airport CRQ. Provides information of aircraft and training.

Pacific Flyer
Pacific Flyer is a 21 year old monthly aviation tabloid produced in Southern California with a decidedly different perspective on aviation and aviation publishing.

Pacific Peaks Balloon Company
Offering flights and tethers in Tigard.

Pacific Skydiving Center
Skydiving center in Hawaii. Events, facility, aircraft, directions, employment, links.

Pacific Skyways
San Francisco based school offering training and a photo gallery.

Paddys Paragliding Training
Offering paragliding and paramotoring training.

Paddys Paragliding Training
Offering paragliding training in England.

Painted Horizons Hot Air Balloon Tours
Hot air balloon flights for two passengers over the Disney area countryside. Includes a champagne celebration after the flight.

Paisley Balloon Aviation
Hot air balloon rides, tethers, aerial advertising, or flight instruction in central North Carolina.

Pakenham and District Aircraft Radio Control Society
Cardinia - Aero modelling club information, history, field map, what's new, pictures, links, contacts, and membership details.

Palmerston North Aeroneers
RC model aviation site which fosters and encourages the building and flying of model aircraft.

Assists pilots, travelers and aviation enthusiasts with the process of using hand held (PDAs) technology in aviation. The site focuses on Palm OS, Pocket PC and other hand held solutions.

Palomar R/C Flyers
San Diego - Model aviation club information, contacts, events, flying site data, pictures, tips, SIG pages, and related links.

Palomino Valley Soaring
Located twenty-five miles north of Reno, in the high desert of Nevada. Summer soaring is superb, with cloud bases reaching to 18,000 feet.

Palos R/C Flying Club
Orland Park - Model aviation group's information, events, field map, pictures, rules, tips, newsletter, and related links.

Palouse Ridge Runner's R/C Club
Pullman and Moscow - This site provides information for a two state RC model aviation club.

PAMPA ModelFighters
Limburg - RC model aviation club information, photos, field map, events, for sale, and related links.

Pan Am Stratocruiser
A glimpse of flying to Europe on a propeller driven Pan Am Stratocruiser.

Panama Freefall
Skydive in Panama. USPA Certified Instructors and Skydivers

Panorama Balloon Tours
Services San Diego, Del Mar, and Palm Springs, California and Albuquerque, New Mexico. About the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta. Photos and safety information.

Papa Mike Aviation Images
Aircraft of all types, including airliners, warbirds, and military, past and present.

Para Excellence
Offering training and equipment sales in Conway.

Para-club Elsenborn
Home page of one of the largest dropzones in South Belgium (Ardennes).

Para-Sky Skydiving School
Skydiving school and facility in South Africa. Static line, accelerated free fall, AFF and tandem skydiving courses.

Parabouncing - Balloon Jumping
Using a 20 foot diameter helium balloon, simply push off from the ground and leap 100 feet into the air and travel up to a quarter-mile before gently returning to earth.

Parachute History
History of parachutes, skydiving, and parachuting. Includes people, events and inventions.

Parachute Industry Association
Represents companies and individuals wanting to improve business opportunities in skydiving. Committees, meetings, online store, service bulletins, yellow pages and members area.

Parachute Jump Calculation
Freefall simulation, to determine the most likely trajectories of (groups of) skydivers with different fall rates. [Java]

Parachute UK
Parachuting and skydiving in East England. Tandem jumping and parachute training courses for beginners.

Parachutes Safely
Information on flying and landing high performance parachutes with safety in mind.

Parachuting Club of Turku
Languages: Finnish, English, Swedish and Germany. Includes static line and tandem course information, photos, contacts and links to other sites in Finland.

Parachutisme Nouvel-Air
Located in Farnham just 30 minutes from Montreal. Features 2 Beech 18. Tandem Instruction and PFF. Web site is in French

Parachutisme tandem pac
Parachutisme tandem pac cadeau sport extrem sensation voler avion pilatus region parisienne parachute sauter saut

Parachutists Over Phorty Society
Membership limited to parachutists over fourty. Details of affiliated clubs in Europe, Uk and United States.

ParaClub Gran Canaria
Contact Details for centre located on beach in Gran Canaria

Paradise R/C Flyers
Vernon - Model aviation club information, events, field map, newsletters, rules, and related links.

Paraflight Costa Rica
Offering training, adventure tours, and tandem flights in Costa Rica

Parafly Paragliding
Located in Colchester offering training, adventure tours, and equipment sales.

Paraglide America
Details of the flight of Will Gadd and Team Paraglide America across the United States in 2001 to raise money for the Peregrine Fund. Includes flight log, route, photographs and videos and team biographies.

Paraglide Canada
Offering training, tandem flights, adventure tours, and equipment sales in Vernon, British Columbia.

Paraglide Colorado
Offering training, tandem flights, clinics, adventure tours, and equipment sales.

Paraglide Hawaii
Offering training and equipment sales. Web site offers photo gallery of local flying.

Paraglider Magazine
Preview of paragliding magazine that is on sale.Sample articles of equipment reviews, technical columns, travel destinations, interviews, news and events, safety and classified advertisements.

Paraglider Magazine
Magazine offering articles of equipment reviews, technical columns, travel destinations, interviews, news and events, safety and classified advertisements.

Paraglider's Alpine Paradise
Providing training, tandem flights, and local flying information. Located in Courchevel.

Offering paragliding photos and introduction.

Paragliding - Jerome Daoust
Offering paraglding gear reviews.

Paragliding Academy
Offering training and paragliding equipment. Located in Draper.

Paragliding Active Server
Offering information on world flying sites, photos, news, and weather.

Paragliding Adventures
Paragliding and powered paragliding in Johannesburg offering training and tandem flights.

Paragliding Australia
Provides training, including hanggliding and microlight courses. Details of courses, accommodation, tours and equipment for sale.

Paragliding Bulgaria
Details of the country, its flying locations, paragliding schools, and a forum. (In English and Bulgarian)

Paragliding Center South East Queensland
Located in Queensland, Australia offering training, tandem flights, and equipment.

Paragliding from Par Avion
Based in Marlborough, Wiltshire. Offering training, introductory course, and gift vouchers.

Paragliding Gstaad
Offering training and tandem flights in Gstaad. (In English, Deutsch and French)

Paragliding History
Offering information on paragliding history.

Paragliding in Bulgaria
Information on sites, Bulgarian pilots, links and picture gallery.

Paragliding in India
Offering information about paragliding in India. Schools, training cetres, clubs, sites, competitions and local pilots.

Paragliding in Israel
Offering training, tandem flights, and equipment sales. (In Hebrew and English)

Paragliding in Israel
Features training, tandem flights, pilot tips, and local flying sites and Israel.

Paragliding in KwaZulu-Natal
Information on flying sites in South Africa. Also offers local tourist information and events.

Paragliding in Poland
Provides information on flying sites in Poland.

Paragliding in Spain
Flight guide for parapente in the Sierra Nevada Granada Spain

Paragliding in Sydney
Offering training, tandem flights, and clinics. Located in Sydney.

Paragliding in the Caucasus
Offering information on paragliding in the Caucasus. Located in the country of Georgia.

Paragliding in the Matapedia Valley
Offering information on paragliding at Mount Pinard, Quebec, Canada. Pictures and narrative of flights off the mountain.

Paragliding Indonesia
Offering training and equipment sales in Bekasi, Indonesia.(In English and Deutsch)

Paragliding Mistral
Located in Prague offering training, tandem flights, and equipment sales.

Paragliding New Zealand
Offering paragliding tours, tandem flights, flight training, and equipment sales. Based in Queenstown, New Zealand.

Paragliding New Zealand Ltd
Located in Christchurch and Akaroa New Zealand offering training, tandem flights, and equipment sales.

Paragliding on the Canary Island La Palma
Information for paragliding on the Canary Island. (In English and German)

Paragliding Passenger Flights in Switzerland
Located in Oberwil, Switzerland offering tandem flights. (In English and Dutch)

Paragliding Radio
Information on an educational radio talk show for paragliding.

Paragliding School
Located in Dolni Kalna offering training, tandem flights, clinics, and equipment sales.

Paragliding Touch and Go
Based in Brunnen, Germany. Offering training, tandem flights, adventure tours, and local flying weather.

Paragliding WebRing
Offering information on joining and creating a paragliding web ring.

Paragliding with Jo Jaffa
Web site based in the United Kingdom offering information for beginners seeking to learn to paraglide.

Paragliding World Cup Association
Yearly competition that is held at various locations around the world.

Located in Pokhara, Nepal offering training, tandem flights, adventure tours, and local site information. (In English and French)

Paragon Skydiving
Based at Errol airfield in Perthshire Scotland. Beginners welcome, no experience required for tandem skydive. Experienced jumpers also welcome

An exciting, brand new company that provides top-notch, exhibition skydiving talent for airshows, and professional actors,stunt performers, military technical advisors and personal trainers for movies and television.

Tandem jump above Tuscany; 30 minutes from Florence. USPA certification available. Site is in English.

Paramotor 2000
Based in Spain, providing paramotor instruction and tandem rides. Details of courses and flights available.

Paramotoring Australia
Information, contacts, links, chat, forums, classifieds as well as photos and stories.

Paramotors uk
Provides information on paramotor sales, spares, training, wings, technical issues, national and regional weather forecasts, events and pictures.

Parasail Safety Council
Information about equipment, operations and safety; insurance coverage, manufacturers and locations.

Parasoft Paragliding School
Providing training, clinics, adventure tours, and equipment sales in Boulder.

Paramotor training, sales and service.

Offering basic and advanced instruction and equipment sales in Ventura, California. Details of costs and equipment available. Includes news and pictures.

Offering powered parachuting training in Florida.

Paraventure Extreme Sports
Based in South Wales.Training in paragliding, paramotoring, parakiting and other kite related activities. Details of courses for each type with application forms.

Parawaiting UK
United Kingdom based web site offering articles, weather links, photo gallery, news, FAQ's, and gear reviews.

Paris Airshow
Official site of the show, held at Paris Le Bourget every other year. [Flash required]

Park City Hot Air Balloon Adventures
Offers scenic balloon flights over the Park City area.

Partners at Solberg
Non-profit organization informs residents how general aviation benefits the community. News, event schedules, membership details and FAQs.

Pat's Piper Pa-31 Page
This site is dedicated to the Pa-31 family of Piper aircraft.

Patrick Smith Aviation Photos
Patrick Smith offers commercial photography.

Patrick's Aviation Website
Aviation video and image galleries and information on some US air shows and aerobatic teams.

Patton Aircraft
RC combat slope EPP gliders. All planes have been inspired and designed after the magnificent airframes produced by members of the Allied and Axis forces of World War II.

Patty Wagstaff Official Airshows Home Page
The Official Patty Wagstaff Airshows Home Page with biography information, Schedule, Email, Newsletter and info on Patty's new Autobiography Fire and Air.

Patuxent Aeromodelers Radio Control Club
Hollywood - RC model aviation club information, news, events, photos, forums, field map, officer list, and related links.

Paul and Jacqui's Homepage
Personal home page of two skydiving enthusiasts. Philosophies, photos, links.

Paul Bradley's Model Airplane Page
This page is intended to serve as a forum for the exchange of ideas with people who share an interest in model aircraft.

Paul Freeman
Paul Freeman describes planes that he has flown.

Paul Freeman
Photos of over 120 airports landed at by Paul Freeman.

Paul's Flying Diary - Ratings and Trip Reports
This site chronicles the flight training diary and 'interesting' flights that the author has taken.

Paul's Home Page: Paragliding
Offers photo gallery of initial training.

Pazmany Pl-2
Photographs of this plans-built plane, with notes on flying the aircraft and its handling characteristics.

Pazmanzy Aircraft Corporation
Information on a great variety of Pazmany designs.

Peace Country Aeromodelers
Grande Prairie - A growing sport RC model airplane club where they fly most types of models from gliders to large scale and helicopters.

Peak Airsports
Located in the Peak District. Offering training, adventure tours, and equipment sales.

Peak to Peak Paragliding
Located in Boulder offering training, tandem flights, clinics, adventure tours, and equipment sales.

Peanut Scale
Information, plans, and links concerning free flight model aviation worldwide.

Peck Prairie Bird
Personal page about why FF rubber powered models are the only way to fly.

Pegase Air Samoens
Located in Samoens. Offering training and sales. Includes description of the flying sites and local weather forecast. (In English and French)

Pegasus Paragliding
Located in Diligent River, Nova Scotia offering training, tandem flights, and equipment sales.

Pekin RC Club
Pekin - Model aviation group presents their field rules, events, photos, members, and contacts.

Pembrokeshire Model Club
Milford Haven - RC model aviation group's information, newsletter, pictures, field map, and related links.

Pendle Balloon Company
Based in Blackburn. Offers flights over Lancashire and the Lake District. Also handles corporate promotions and pilot training.

Penguin Air Electronic AFD and Planning
Source for the electronic Airport Facility Directory, approach plates, the FARs and the AIM.

Peninsula Channel Commanders
Half Moon Bay - RC model airplane club information, history, flying site data, events, newsletter, forum, pictures, and contacts.

Pennine Region Balloon Association
Promoting the study & practice of the art of Lighter-than-air Flight, and social facilities for members.

Pennine Soaring Club
The paragliding and hang gliding club covering the North West of England. From Manchester to North of Preston. Details of sites, meetings and email forum.

Peoria Area Wyreflyers
Illinois, USA - Control line model airplane club information, flying site maps, events, calendar, newsletter, and related links.

Pepperell Skydiving Center
New England's largest Skydiving Center, near Boston, with a private 60 acre skydiving only airport. Instruction is available.

Peranporth - EGTP
History and pictures of this PPR only field with plenty of links to local businesses and attractions.

Peregrinee Adventures
Offers flights over Yarra Valley.

Performance RC
RC supplies, Duralite Lithium batteries and chargers. Canadian and European distributor.

Perkins Powered Parachutes
Offering training, aircraft, and accessories. Located in Nicholson, Georgia.

Peru Paraglide
Photo library of flying in Peru.

Pete's Pilots
Model airplane pilot figures in many scales and outfits, busts and full figures.

Pete's Planes
Pictures and descriptions of RC flying scale aircraft models, mostly electric powered. News, technical data, and design data.

Pete's Proudly South African Aviation Website
Offering information South African aviation and airplanes.

Peter Clements
Photos and wallpapers of planes and helicopters.

Peter Otto Dickenmann's A340 Virtual Flightdeck Project
Describes the making of a home built fully enclosed A340-like cockpit with two seats.

Peter Roberts
Photos of Royal Australian Air Force Mirage IIIO and IIID fighter aircraft.

Peter Wales Heli Homepage
Emphasis on scale RC helicopters with photos and data/instructions for building scale choppers.

Peterborough and Spalding Gliding Club
Situated just north of Crowland, on the A1073. Operates at weekends.

Petersen Aviation, Inc.
Frequently asked questions about using automotive fuel in General Aviation airplanes. Covers North America and continental Europe.

Pfactor - Flying and Stuff
Articles written by husband and wife pilots about general aviation travel, pictures, and flying in general.

Located in Bir, India. Offering basic and intermediate training.

Ph.D Skydiving
Martin Williams' AFF school offers first time skydiving courses with BPA Approved Instructors in the UK, Spain and California.

Phantom Flyers R/C Club
Located in St. Louis with RC airplane activities, pattern contest, swap meet, and fun flies.

Phil Callihan
Aviation pictures from past to present, 'X' and 'Y' Planes, Helicopters, Nose Art, Missiles/Rockets/Bombs, UFO's.

Phil's Model Flying
A personal site about model sailplane flying in the Cotswolds.

Phil's Model Flying Stroud
From the UK, model flying in the West Country. News, weather, and pictures.

Philadelphia Glider Council
Soaring out of Bucks County Airport Hilltown, PA. Site with a wealth of information on soaring

Philip's JT-5B Autogyro Construction
Philip Mac Cabe's plans built JT-5B Autogyro project. A builders log of construction methods used ex. fiberglass work, welding and machining.

Phoenix Chapter
Member news, meeting dates and contact details. Also has a monthly lunch club.

Phoenix Flyers
Launceston - A model airplane club site with events calendar, photos, contact information, member projects, and flying site map. Specialized in RC scale and funfly activity.

Phoenix Flying Club
A non-profit flying club based at Port Columbus International Airport, providing flight training and aircraft rental in a casual atmosphere.

Phoenix Microlights
Based in the Nottinghamshire, England United Kingdom. Offering training, sales, and service.

Phoenix Model Flying Club
Wareham, Dorset - Flying fixed-wing RC models of all sorts and offering free instruction. Club and flying site data, pictures, tips, and occasional local news.

Phoenix Model Flying Club
Lowestoft, Suffolk - Model aviation group presents their notice board, for sale, calendar, photos, contacts, and related links.

Phoenix Model Products
UK supplier of value for money performance slope soaring models, gliders, radio equipment and accessories.

Phoenix Russian Aviation/Modeling Links
Links of interest on Russian/Soviet Aviation, Aircraft and Plastic Modeling for the hobbyist.

Photo Gallery
Aircraft seen around the Perth airport.

A few photos.

Pierce Aero Company
Paragon and Gemini MTS

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